HRG has an expert TRAKnet billing team that can handle all of your podiatry billing needs. What makes HRG unique is our understanding how podiatry revenue is generated and in turn provide a pricing model that allows us to exclude retail or over-the-counter products not covered by or billable to insurance.

Podiatry Billing You Can Trust

HRG understands podiatry billing and how to maximize revenue using TRAKnet.

Scope of Services

  • Utilize TriZetto for Claims Submission and Rules Engine Configuration
  • Minimize Claim Rejections and Denials
  • Accounts Receivable Management and Collection
  • Track and report MIPS using TRAKnet
  • Payment Posting and Credit Card on File Management
  • Statement Management
  • Patient Financial Services Call Center
  • Patient Payment Options
  • Workflow Training
  • HRG Proprietary Systems and Workflow to Pick-Up where TRAKnet stops

How We Work

  • Billing Fees EXCLUDE Over The Counter (OTC) Revenue
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Turnkey Solution with Rapid Transition to Our Team
  • US-Based Workforce
  • Patient Call Center